Monday, March 30, 2009

When Forgiveness Is Not Enough

When one has wronged a friend, a precious friend, a cherished friend;

When he, himself, through his sightlessness and selfishness has wrought grief and sorrow;

When amidst a time that the one held dear was in need of care and consolation;

When the purest of love had ought be displayed, and the kindness of heart be made known;

Yet wisdom was lacking, discernment made void; fruitless and barren, hollow and empty.

Appears then the hour that he comes to himself; when in brokenness of spirit he mourns; With heart in hand, an attempt is employed to say, ‘I’m Sorry,’ yet words seem never enough.

‘I forgive you; it’s all right,’ is the reply. But it’s not all right, is it? Though one be forgiven, there awaits for him an even greater obstacle;

It is that of Self-Forgiveness.

When one is Truly sorry; though forgiven by another, yet the aching of heart remains. One busies himself with the cares of this life, yet suddenly the sorrow is there; it is as a fresh, open wound; “O God, will it never heal?” There is a time, then, when Forgiveness Is Not Enough! Is there no suture that can bond that open wound; Is there no balm that may heal?

Wisdom may be found in those words of the Holy Spirit, who employed the penmanship of David: Cried the Psalmist, “Have mercy. . . blot out my transgressions. . .wash me. . .cleanse me. . . purge me. . . create in me a new heart; renew a right spirit within me. . . . deliver me. Yet, though he “acknowledged his transgression,” these sobering tones echoed from his voice: “My Sin Is Ever Before Me!”

Oh, David! Have you found a Balm of Healing? If it be so then tell me, quickly!

“Cast me not away from thy presence; take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore unto me the Joy. . .”

Let us then understand; if Joy would be restored; though perchance there remain a scar; let there be the knitting together of hearts: Allow not the separation of Presence to continue; rather allow Love to apply itself as a Healing Balm.

Forgiveness Is Not Enough! Time Does Not Heal! There must needs follow the desire of heart for a careful and loving, mending of that which was broken. Peace is to be found on the doorstep of Reconciliation.

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